Leida Dos Santos – BSc/MSc/PhD. I believe that science communication is an important tool to contribute to the conservation of species. The way scientists and educators convey messages to the general public can be directly proportional to the rate of success that the public might perceive that message and take actions. However, if the message is not evaluated it can lead to various issues, for example, the message might not reach the audiences for which they were intended or might be misunderstood (Wellings, 2000). I have dedicated this page to the group amphibians. Amphibian is in trouble for decades, and my research leads me to believe that not many people understand the importance of amphibians for our ecosystem and, and for the survival of mankind. As part of my research, I have travelled to Brazil, the UK and New Zealand visiting zoos and finding out what work zoos are doing to inform the general public about amphibian conservation, amphibian declines and amphibian extinction crises.

In this site, I will share with you some amazing work that scientists are doing across the world, in trying to save amphibians. You can also follow me on twitter @anfileida, and please do use  #FrogFutureOurFuture for any post regarding amphibians around the world. Let the world know how amazing amphibians are, and engage others to take action, even the smallest step such as recycling, be conscious consumers, sign petitions to stop deforestation, all to prevent further amphibian population declines. Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy and share the good practice!

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